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Life as a Military Wife with Lisa Brown

On today’s episode of Revitalized Womanhood podcast, Gina Trimmer speaks with military spouse, and returning podcast guest, Lisa Brown. Lisa shares stories of being raised in Colorado by a pilot family, having six children, and meeting her husband Tom after a past engagement. They delve into Lisa's experience as a military wife, including moving all around the country, and her current work as a mindset coach. The podcast offers an insight into Lisa's journey of personal growth and the community of support it takes to be a successful military wife.


Episode Highlights:

  • Military life is challenging.
  • Adapt to military life.
  • Find genuine relationships.
  • Prioritize what's important to you.
  • Adapt and embrace blessings.
  • Women are constantly changing.
  • Change is constant.
  • Trust your intuition.
  • Respect others' gifts and talents.
  • Explore the world through imagination.
  • Learn to enjoy being alone.
  • Honor and appreciate military service.
  • Service before self.

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