Redefining Success with Sallie Holder

Redefining Success with Sallie Holder

On today’s episode of Revitalized Womanhood, Gina is joined by author and businesswoman Sally Holder who discusses her story of transitioning from what appeared to be a perfect life to redefining success on her own terms and starting her own community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Sally emphasizes the importance of taking time to find and define your purpose, and provides insights into making and achieving goals.


Episode Highlights:

  • Take charge of your life.
  • Break out of fear cycle.
  • Find your own journey.
  • Redefine your best life.
  • Experiment, learn, and grow.
  • Beliefs drive outcomes.
  • Stop hustling for worth.
  • Stop negative self-talk.
  • Cultivate your own happiness.
  • Be happy now, not later.
  • Own your accomplishments.
  • Start and become an expert.
  • Become an expert in yourself.
  • Tools to reset your mind.

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