EP72 | Julie's Story Of Transformation & Triumph | Julie Packer

EP72 | Julie's Story Of Transformation & Triumph | Julie Packer

In this episode, we hang out with Gina and her friend Julie Packer, chatting about Julie's amazing weight loss adventure.

Julie chats about why she went for weight loss surgery after a tough battle with her weight and dieting flops. Which ultimately led to more amazing self-discovery's including how she got into running, fell in love with health and wellness, and discovered a bunch of wins beyond the scale, sparking a whole wave of self-love and putting herself at the top of her priority list.

She also shares her surprise baby stories and the hurdles she jumped along the way! She talks about managing life as a mom of four, the mixed feelings about weight loss surgery, and why she ended up having it in Mexico.

Julie's all about eating with purpose, making mindful lifestyle shifts, finding your "why," and setting goals that stick. She's a big cheerleader for walking your own journey, tweaking things along the way, sticking to it, and balancing it all for the long haul.


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