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Revitalize Retreat Tickets

Revitalize Retreat Tickets

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Join us for the Revitalize Retreat,

May 16-19 2024.

*All inclusive. Minus airfare & transportation to and from St. George.

*Tickets are non-refundable

A special weekend designed for our community of Revitalized Sisters who are eager to connect, rejuvenate, and empower themselves (in person) within our EXCLUSIVE SISTERHOOD community.

Revitalize Retreat is more than just a getaway; it's a time and space where you can pause, reflect, and engage with each other.

Throughout the weekend, you'll participate in a variety of activities aimed at fostering personal growth, relaxation, and community building.

If you would like the option to pay for your ticket in installments, please feel free to get ahold of Gina via the Hearth or email her.

Click this link to email >>


Once your ticket is added to cart and you checkout, YOUR SPOT IS RESERVED! Insert happy dance!!

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