Alice Atalanta | Opportunities, Self-Discipline, and Turning Weakness into Strength 

On today’s episode of Revitalized Womanhood, Gina is joined by writer and doctor Alice Atalanta, who specializes within the Special Operations community and runs a company called SOFXLE, which involves further training and preparation for members of law enforcement. In this episode, Alice and Gina tackle everything from the difficult societal expectations put onto women, rekindling passion for a career, to mental wellness and feminine power! The essence of powerful women is clear in today’s conversation, as Gina and Alice band together to share with listeners how to become the best and most successful version of themselves, and how to escape some of the blockades and mentalities that often keep us from reaching our full potential.

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On this episode:

(0:30) Gina introduces today’s guest, writer and doctor Alice Atalanta.

(3:35) Alice begins to describe her biography of success, beginning with her writing career and what it entails.

(5:00) Alice describes all the things her writing career has done for her, such as being able to work with the Special Operations community. Her company is called SOFXLE, which is a training program for members of law enforcement.

(7:20) To wrap up her summary of the work she does, Alice describes a rewarding experience just this past year, where she coached a girl’s field hockey team.

(8:45) Gina talks about the goals and visions of being a woman. Alice elaborates by discussing the expectations society has on women.

(14:10) Gina describes the differences in backgrounds between Alice and herself, emphasizing her lifestyle growing up in Utah that puts high expectations on women to marry young, rather than go to college.

(17:00) Gina reiterates an analogy about the fog lifting once she began her business and podcast.

(19:00) Alice talks about authenticity and how our assets and personality traits can be transferable to a career.

(23:00) Gina and Alice discuss more of society’s expectations, connecting this idea to Gina’s parenting techniques and going the untraditional route.

(24:00) Alice refers back to her field hockey team in order to describe how she has tried to shape today’s youth to recognize their individual abilities and strengths, again discouraging society’s expectations and limitations.

(27:50) In retaliation to today’s modernist structure, Gina and Alice share how electronics and media have diminished creativity and imagination.

(28:40) Alice gives some advice on self discipline, sharing her philosophy on accomplishments and how not everyday will have the same outcome or payback.

(32:30) Alice and Gina share the importance of taking breaks to relieve stress.

(35:00) Active recovery, and mental active recovery is just as important as the actual work you are putting in.

(39:27) On a quick break, Gina encourages her listeners to join her Revitalized Sisterhood.

(41:00) Gina inspires listeners, reassuring them that they are enough, and to not give into society’s expectations.

(44:00) Alice talks about the Grateful Dead, and how the band influenced her greatly in her formative years and how to appreciate human existence.

(48:00) To further emphasize the idea that a person’s social status or viewpoints doesn’t take away from good conversation and learning opportunities, Gina shares a personal experience.

(50:40) Alice talks about the toxicity and weaponization of social media, and how different it was growing up without its influence.

(56:10) Gina shares her frustration with the victim mentality, and Alice talks about escaping that mindset.

(1:04:00) Alice continues on the topic of the victim mentality, giving personal examples on how she overcame her hardships instead of submitting to that mentality.

(1:07:30) Alice explains more about Sofxle, which helps to train and prepare law enforcement further.

(1:10:10) Gina shares some of her experience as a dispatcher, and talks about how underfunded law enforcement is.

(1:16:00) Alice and Gina talk more about Gina’s experience in dispatching and its difficulties.

(1:20:30) Alice discusses the male gaze, and how to combat that mentality.

(1:27:15) One of the books that Alice has collaborated on as an editor is called Meditations of an Army Ranger, co-authored with LTC JC Glick.

(1:29:45) Alice talks about a book about Maria Owens, and its topics on feminine power and nurturing.

(1:32:40) After inquiring about her sisterhood, Gina explains to Alice a little more about Revitalized Womanhood.

(1:40:50) Gina reiterates her final takeaways:

  1. What’s your strategy to win?
  2. Self discipline and mental GPS




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