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Revitalized Sisterhood


Welcome to our community that is dedicated to empowering women who prioritize family and strive for a more fulfilled life.

We provide a supportive and nurturing environment where women can come together and connect with one another in a personal development setting.

Our goal is to help each other build confidence and create a thriving, purposeful, and balanced life. Within our community, you'll find like-minded women who understand the importance of family and the desire to lead a fulfilling life.

Together, we share our experiences, challenges, and successes, offering each other support and guidance along the way. Through various discussions, workshops, and events, we provide opportunities for personal growth and self-improvement.

Whether it's finding ways to prioritize self-care, juggling family responsibilities, pursuing personal passions, or seeking personal development opportunities, our community is here to help.

Together, we explore strategies for achieving a fulfilling and balanced life while navigating the unique challenges that come with being a woman who values family.

  • Weekly Virtual Sessions

    Each Wednesday you’ll have the opportunity to join us on our weekly virtual call to discuss the topic of the month

  • Private Closed Networks

    Access to our private closed network for ideas, suggestions, insights, and strategies to help you succeed.

  • 90 Day Firing Method

    A powerful program designed to help you identify key objectives in your life and the tasks to get you there.

  • Firing Squads

    A team of 4-6 women who will hold you accountable to the objectives and tasks you’ve identified.

  • Replay Sessions

    Just in case you aren’t able to make one of our live virtual sessions, all sessions will be available for replay.

  • Resource Library

    You will be given full access to videos, resources, documents, templates, and guides to help you succeed.

  • No Contracts

    If you’re no longer interested in being part of the Revitalized  Sisterhood, you’re welcome to leave whenever you want.

  •  Swag

    By becoming a member of the Revitalized Sisterhood you will have access to exclusive gear and merchandise.

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