My name is Gina Trimmer and I am so happy to have you join me on this journey that is Revitalized Womanhood.

I am a wife, mother, sister, and daughter – I am a woman.

The path of womanhood has never been a straight shot. Sometimes it seems as though the options that society has grown accustomed to for women is to either hide in the home or blaze up the corporate ladder. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like either one of those options.

When I take a minute to sit down and scroll through social media or try to find blog topics that I’m interested in I feel like I get sucked into “check out my Target haul” or “have you bought this off Amazon yet?” It’s like social media has convinced all of us that we have nothing more to give than the contents of our wallets. Don’t get me wrong, I love Target and Amazon and all the pretty things, I am a girl after all. But my worth is not determined by how my house is decorated or what new fashion trend I’m keeping up with. My worth is going to be measured by the mark I make in my home as a wife and mother, in my community as a friend and leader, and in my business as a motivator and mentor.

It’s time for women to be involved in all things. Not just family and raising children, but also the education of our children, our family finances and budgets, the people that are in our circle of friends and community, self-love, care and improvement, faith in something that is bigger than us, and leadership over all of it. Women, we are taking ownership and control of our own lives.

More About Me

How do you even begin to tell complete strangers who you are? Honestly, I have changed so many times in my life that it’s hard to believe that I even know who I am. Just like all of you I am constantly being transformed and molded by my jobs, my surroundings, my upbringing, my status, my lifestyle…. it goes on and on.

The constants in my life are my family. I was raised in a huge LDS family in Utah {like most are, right?} I have 7 brothers and sisters. I can see things in myself that I take from each of them, especially my sisters. Where would I be without my sisters? And of course my sweet, soft-spoken, and humble {they try to make me better, bless their hearts} parents. Love them all!

I have been married to my husband for 16 years. He is the best and sometimes the hardest {aren’t they all} part of my life. I am definitely not here to convince you that we have the perfect marriage or that it’s always rainbows and sunshine, it is most certainly not. It is REAL. We fight, we argue…. hello we are 2 humans with 2 completely different personalities and opinions. Of course, we fight and argue, but we love each other and that is what matters. He’s got my back and I have his. We’re navigating the waters of life, love, and children together the best way we know how… one day at a time.

We have three boys and our choice of parenting style is not what society would call “normal” but for US it feels like there should be no other way. We have fallen in love with traveling together as a family. We left in January 2017 and traveled full-time through December 2019. We explored and experienced 36 countries together before coming home to try for baby #3. Three months later the world shut down. The most important thing that travel has taught me {and that quarantine then corroborated} is the importance of finding people with similar hobbies and beliefs and having a community.

Zip bam boom to the here and now… I am motivated to connect women in a community who feel the same way I do about our lives, homes, and communities. That we are so much more that the label that society wants to put on us.

What makes me the expert? I am the first one to tell you that I am not. The only things that qualify me for this; I am a woman and I am someone who wants to learn and improve myself. If my passion for this can be the thing that inspires growth in my life, in my children’s lives, in your life, and in the lives of women that I surround myself with, I’m here for it.

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