What is it?

    The Revitalized Sisterhood is a community of like-minded women all working on goals of becoming our best selves – best mothers, wives, employees, community leaders, women. 

    You can’t even believe how amazing it feels to be seen, heard, understood and supported by other women. It doesn’t matter what different walks of life we all come from, we all have so much commonality.


    Why should I join?

      Is there something that has been nagging at you saying “there’s got to be more” or do you sometimes feel like you’ve lost sight of the woman that you were meant to be? Women are notoriously pouring into others from an empty cup. This community is a reminder that you have to start with YOU. We have the tools to get you back on track to living a life full of purpose and impact. 


      What will I get out of this?

        The perfect atmosphere to cultivate strong friendships, strengthen self confidence, tools to help you take control of your thoughts and actions, accountability for yourself and for your fellow Revitalized Sisters, a renewed sense of self-worth. You will rediscover your purpose and start on your way to living the life of your dreams.


        How does the Revitalized Sisterhood cater to women specifically (as opposed to the iron council)?

          Women are obviously different than men. What motivates men may not motivate women. The foundation for the Revitalized Sisterhood has been set to offer small group coaching and personalized 1:1 coaching. Things that foster a more intimate experience. We leave small talk at the door. We are part of the Revitalized Sisterhood to ask the real questions and get to the bottom of the real issues. 

          Why is it $97/month?

            $97/month is the amount that will keep you accountable to the Revitalized Sisterhood. This is not only a mastermind group, but it’s also small group coaching and personalized 1:1 coaching. Not only do the gains and benefits surpass that price, but we also want you to have some skin in the game too. We don’t want this to just be something that you sign up for and then ignore or lose interest in. This is a commitment that you are making to yourself and to you Revitalized Sisters. But if you are a discount shopper {which I love and encourage} there is a discounted monthly rate when you sign up for the year. We have no doubts that you’ll be glad you did.


            What will the time commitment look like?

              With anything in life, you get out of it what you put in. 

              That being said, the actions in the Revitalized Sisterhood that have set times are  a 1 hour weekly zoom call with your squad and a 1 hour weekly zoom call with the entire group. 


              Will it be as I hope it will be and provide great fellowship and food for thought?

                I cannot say “yes” enough!

                Is this for any age?

                  Absolutely! Currently our members ages range from 20-75. We all have so much to offer.

                  Do I have to be good at self discipline before joining?

                    No. We are all learning life’s “best-practices” together inside the Revitalized Sisterhood.

                    Do I have to be an entrepreneur?

                      Absolutely not. That being said, one of the Revitalized Sisterhood favorite philosophies is to remind stay-at-home mama’s that they are the CEO of their home, so run it that way. Good time management, budgeting, scheduling, organization and constant use of a planner are all best practices for any woman.


                      What expectations do you have of members?

                        To be real, open, and curious about the woman that you are. We are not here to pretend or put on a show. We are here to do some serious work on ourselves and come out of it as the best version. This is an absolutely judgment-free zone. The Revitalized Sisterhood is about encouraging each other, never in a negative manner. There is a zero tolerance policy for gossip or bad-mouthing husbands. This space is for a purpose-driven mindset.


                        Is there exclusive content or what exactly do I get here that I wouldn’t from the podcast or the Facebook Group?

                          First of all, I love the Facebook group but social media is also like the wild wild west out there. You don’t actually know the people. We hope that they want the best for us, but they don’t always. To do the kind of work that we’re doing in the Revitalized Sisterhood you have to first have trust. There is definitely content and resources being shared inside our private community that you will not have access to outside of this membership.

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