I joined the Revitalized Sisterhood because i was looking for a community of women to help me grow.

As a wife, mom and business owner, i have never been able to find a group that incorporates it all until now.

I have been able to chat with more experienced moms, learn from other business owners, and be held accountable by the other ladies to put my marriage first.

It can be hard to find a group of women who hold space for others in all walks of life, while also encouraging them to continue to grow and become the best versions of themselves.

the Sisterhood is a safe place to learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to grow.

-Leah B

The sisterhood has helped me step out of my comfort zone because I feel it's a non-judgmental environment. I am shy, but I feel comfortable reaching out to my sisters!

-Dorothy W

I was fortunate enough to meet Gina through the men of the Iron Council. We immediately connected and she showed me a world that is outside of my little bubble I live in. I found myself wondering how I was going to fit one more thing in my life, I thought, ''I'm so busy with my life, I don't need any more chaos outside of our chaosl"

I was SO wrong I gave myself a few weeks to really dig deep and once I joined the sisterhood, it has been a complete life changer! I was not looking for change, or more to keep be busy. But what the Sisterhood is set up to be, is more intentionality with my time, my thoughts, the people I surround myself with and a whole new set of women that challenge me to be better than I even knew I could be!

I have hope again for new habits, goals and motivation to make my life just as I envision.

My vision statement she helped me create brings me to tears because it reminds me of who I can be as a mom, a wife, a friend, and that my life has just been reset!

I immediately feel so blessed to have this amazing community and already can't wait to see where this takes me!

-Kelly S

The Sisterhood has offered me the tools that I need to push myself to e the best version of myself that I can be.

It's so nice to have a group that not only supports you, but pushes you too.

I can honestly say it's the best i
I've ever made for myself.

-Natilee M

My name is Rosemarie and I am 75 years old. For the past year, I have been searching for what I want to do with the next phase of my life.

I have been a business owner for forty years and retired this past July. I have a passion for helping
others, as well as my quest to continually try to become a better person. When I joined the Sisterhood, I knew that I had found my home.

The Sisterhood is a community of women where I feel supported in my challenges and cheered on in my successes.

It is a community of women here I feel loved and supported when I am at a low point in my life. I'm not afraid to expose weaknesses completely because I know that I will never be judged.

I am so grateful to Gina for starting this incredible organization.

-Rosemarie B

I discovered the Revitalized Sisterhood through the Iron Council, which my husband is a proud member of.

Since joining i have already discovered a whole new world of growth, inspiration, motivation and transformation that i am pretty darn lucky to be a part of.

We all deserve a better version of ourselves. This is where it starts for me!

-Mandy S

I love being a part of the Revitalized Sisterhood. I love that it has a place for everyone, single women, working moms, stay at home moms, homeschooling moms and everything in-between.

Gina works so hard to bring us different views to help us understand each other and feel connected. It's been so fun to make friendships with women all over the United States. We are all in different areas with our journeys of motherhood, but have connected and formed new friendships.

It's an environment where we build each other up and help each other reach our
personal and family goals.

-Amy M