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Amy Robbins | Taking Back Our Power

After the recent, tragic abduction and murder of a young wife and mother, it’s safe to say that women across the nation are collectively on edge. The realization that when out for a run, or simply out and about, we may find ourselves powerless against a perpetrator is terrifying. Today’s guest, Amy Robbins, is on a mission to inspire women to take their power back and rely on no one but themselves when it comes to safety.

"We really wanted to change the narrative of what empowerment for women meant."

Amy Robbins

While hosting several national lifestyle TV shows, Amy Robbins developed a passion for seeing women everywhere live a confident, self-reliant lifestyle. Amy created Alexo Athletica in 2017 after being harassed while training for a marathon. At that time there was no product on the market that met her need to feel fashionable while carrying a self defense tool in active wear.

"We are on a mission to help women be more self-reliant."

Amy Robbins

Amy is absolutely incredible, and her message of being prepared and learning self-defense is an absolute necessity for women.





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