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Chris Morris | Balancing Hormones & Feeling Good Again

Exhaustion, lack of motivation, and low libido are all things we just associate with getting older. But did you know all of these things could actually be symptoms of low testosterone or hormonal imbalance?

"We know that diet plays a huge role in low testosterone."

Chris Morris
On today's episode I'm talking to Chris Morris, a PA and co-owner of Nulevel Wellness in Gilbert, Arizona. Our conversation was not only extremely informational, but she light on some things I've been experiencing in my own life since the birth of my third son.

"My entire life changes, not just my mental aspect or my physical aspect, it's always going to be both."

Chris Morris

If you've been feeling off, a little unwell, or just not like yourself, this episode is for you. Chris is doing incredible work at his clinic in AZ and the knowledge he shares on this episode has the power to truly change lives.





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