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Emily Frisella | People, Pivots, & Passion

How do you make an introduction for the woman who has done it all? Emily Frisella is the epitome of Jack (or should I say Jane?) of All Trades. From owning a floral shop, at just 20 years old I might add, to creating a planner company, and writing books, Emily has spent a lifetime pursuing her passions, helping others, and filling holes in industries she is interested in.

"People are first, the passion is going to be there, then the profit will come."

Emily Frisella

On today's episode I get the incredible opportunity to pick her brain on the how and why of all her amazing accomplishments. Ladies, her ideas and advice are mind-blowing so grab a pen and paper for this one! Spoiler alert: this incredibly busy entrepreneur sets a daily goal to text 3 friends just to check-in. Talk about #goals! I absolutely adore Emily and everything she stands for, and I know you'll fall in love with her too.




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