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Evelyn Waldron | Traditional Values and Thinking Bigger

Just in time for Thanksgiving, today’s episode of Revitalized Womanhood is joined by an extra special guest, Gina’s mother, Evelyn. Gina and Evelyn reminisce on each other’s childhoods, both with many siblings and what Gina describes as a very “idealistic” upbringing. Evelyn shares some valuable advice to both mothers and wives, as she is well-versed in both categories. The two remark on stories from their youth, and compare parenting styles as Gina expresses gratitude for the lessons she learned from her mother. See the detailed show notes and timestamps below for more information.



(0:30) Gina introduces today’s guest, her mother, Evelyn.

(3:00) Gina describes how the stay-at-home lifestyle her mom lived while raising children is becoming trendy again.

(4:15) Evelyn begins to talk about her own upbringing as being raised on a farm as the third of seven children.

(5:25) When she was just in junior high, Evelyn shares of the time her mother was diagnosed with cancer, which was a huge growing experience for her and her siblings.

(7:20) Evelyn talks about her journey in joining the dance drill team in high school.

(9:00) Gina and Evelyn elaborate on Evelyn’s mother’s story as a cancer survivor.

(11:30) Gina talks about her early childhood on the farm as one of eight children, and discusses with Evelyn some of the details in raising all the kids.

(16:30) Gina describes how Evelyn lived a very “idealistic” childhood on the farm, which Evelyn elaborates on.

(17:50) Evelyn shares when the family decided to move to Kaysville, and some more familial details. Gina describes how the siblings and cousins in her family all had very little gap in ages.

(20:40) Evelyn talks about more of the culture shocks when moving away from the farm.

(22:00) For Gina and her siblings, the move was especially beneficial because of the new neighborhood scene that they were not used to, which gave them opportunities to meet new people.

(24:00) Gina and Evelyn talk about the differences in raising kids for each of them.

(25:30) As a mother of eight children, Evelyn describes how different all the personalities of kids can be, and shares her advice on the challenges of raising so many children.

(27:50) Gina talks about disciplining her kids, and the mom guilt that comes with it.

(29:30) In a very materialistic modern day world, Gina talks about gift giving and learning appreciation as a mother.

(32:00) Evelyn emphasizes gratitude, and encourages simplicity and homemade.

(32:53) Gina asks Evelyn “What would you tell young Evelyn?”. Evelyn responds with encouragement to her younger self to think bigger.

(39:00) Gina applies Evelyn’s advice to her sisterhood, as well as within her own life.

(41:00) On the topic of regrets, Gina describes some of her experiences and the lack of a real college experience.

(44:20) Gina explains her philosophy, “the natural normal”, and tells a story about her grandmother.

(47:20) Even as a full time mom, Evelyn describes some of the activities she did for herself throughout the years, expanding from church mission trips to voice lessons to sewing.

(50:30) Evelyn recalls some humorous moments regarding some particularly vicious animals on the farm, including geese and roosters.

(55:00) At almost fifty years of marriage, Evelyn gives some advice on marriage, putting significance around mutual respect, communication, and understanding.

(58:20) Similar to marriage, parenting requires mutual respect, listening, and understanding, Evelyn explains.

(1:01:00) Gina reiterates how important Evelyn’s advice was, putting emphasis on taking risks and thinking bigger.




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