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Heidi Powell | Embracing Imperfections & True Transformation

45 minutes of conversation was not even close to enough with this incredible woman! This week I got to sit down with Heidi Powell! Heidi is a world-renowned transformation expert whose two decades of impact encompass network television host, certified personal trainer, New York Times best-selling author, professional bodybuilding champion and serial entrepreneur. She is also, and most importantly, a mama to four beautiful kids and she is absolutely determined to set an example to them that a woman can do both -chase their dreams and love their kids well as a present mama.

"I need to be honest about what works for me and what doesn't."

Heidi Powell

Our conversation was so powerful and one I’ll hold on to for a lifetime. She shares how she’s made her “modern family” work, why she has no regrets, and digs into what she believes is the most important component of transformation, mindset!





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