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Introducing Revitalized Womanhood with Gina Trimmer

Like most good, women focused podcasts, Revitalized Womanhood was born out of a hunting trip in a remote area of Hawaii by two big, burly men. Okay, maybe that’s not how most female centric podcasts start, but that’s how this one started and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Today’s episode kicks off the official launch of Revitalized Womanhood - a community that thrives on personal growth, offers information and helps build skills that can empower women to feel comfortable in their own skin and in their own lives. It’s more than a podcast, more than social media, it’s a SISTERHOOD of like-minded women all working to become more effective mothers, wives, business owners and community leaders. Women working to reclaim and restore WOMANHOOD to its rightful place.


So who even am I, Gina Trimmer, the mom behind the mic? How do you even begin to tell complete strangers who you are? Honestly I have changed so many times in my life that it’s hard to believe that I even know who I am. Just like all of you I am constantly being transformed and molded by my jobs, my surroundings, my upbringing, my status, my lifestyle…. it goes on and on. Utah born and raised in a family of 8 kids. Married to my tall and always gorgeous hubs for almost 16 years. 3x boy mom and long-term world-travel-mama turned Podcaster.

"We are going to get the best women that the world has to offer for this podcast."

Gina Trimmer

So, really I am very much like many of you…. Surviving off coffee, constantly running errands, cleaning, doing laundry, school drop-off and pick-up, soccer, gym, work, coffee again…I just sometimes do it in other countries or around the globe. So, this is me. Gina. Revitalized Womanhood.


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