Janice Prisbrey | Love and Loss

In an episode sure to leave you in tears, Gina is joined by her amazing mother-in-law, Jan. Through her time as a traveling military wife, growing up in an over-protective household in Utah and experiencing a truly devastating loss, Jan shows listeners what it means to be resilient and strong. Gina’s mantra, “You can do hard things!” has never rang more true than through Jan’s story of overcoming tremendous obstacles in today’s episode of Revitalized Womanhood.

On this episode:

(0:40) Today’s guest is Gina’s mother-in-law, Jan.

(3:40) Gina inquires about Jan’s childhood growing up in a small town in Utah. Jan tells stories about her small community that she grew up in.

(7:55) Jan shares more about being the oldest daughter of her parents that married very young, and talks about some of the difficulties she experienced with her over-protective father.

(11:50) Jan tells Gina more about her father’s hardworking persona, and Gina asks if any of Jan’s family traits were passed down to her and the way that she eventually ran her own household.

(15:00) Gina and Jan talk about the generational hoarding gene.

(16:15) In 7th grade, Jan met her future husband, Rick, and describes their dating experience and untraditional engagement.

(21:00) Jan describes her experience traveling as a military wife alongside Rick, and specifically her experience in South Korea.

(25:50) Jan shares her emotional experience in taking care of an orphaned baby before she was adopted.

(28:30) After spending time living in South Korea in 1972 and 1975, Jan describes more about her experience.

(33:00) In response to some of Jan’s stories from Korea, Gina talks about our overlooked conveniences living in 2022.

(37:20) Join Gina’s Revitalized Sisterhood here!

(42:55) At 25, Jan was pregnant, living in El Paso with her husband Rick, and two kids at the time Kimberly and Jeremy when her husband devastatingly passed away.

(56:15) After such a desolating loss, Jan describes how she moved forward and got through such a hard time.

(59:40) Just a little over two years later, Jan meets and falls in love with a man named Kendall.

(1:07:50) Jan gives her younger self a piece of advice to live in the moment and take chances.




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