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Jennifer Nielson | Becoming Unstoppable

On today’s episode of Revitalized Womanhood, Gina is joined by friend and co-founder of the Unstoppable Conference, Jennifer Nielson. Jennifer shares her story of overcoming difficult obstacles and trauma, all of which have impacted the woman and mother she is today. Jennifer and Gina talk about breaking cycles and prioritizing personal development and growth. They discuss methods of healing and share heartfelt moments of unfortunate real experiences that lead to breakthroughs, not only in themselves, but also in how they parent.



"Treading water is just barely surviving."

Jennifer Nielson

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On this episode:

(0:30) Gina welcomes listeners to the Revitalized Womanhood podcast and gives a reminder about the Revitalized Sisterhood community and her weekly newsletter.

(1.41) Gina introduces today’s guest, Jennifer Nielson, co-founder of the unstoppable business conference which Gina attended.

(3:00) The conversation with Gina and Jennifer begins with Gina’s recollection of how she began her business and community.

(4:50) Jennifer emphasizes the importance of opportunities that come when you step outside of your comfort zone, and goes on to talk about how she met Gina on Instagram which was like “love at first sight”.

(7:00) Jennifer introduces her story to the listeners, expressing how she is where she is today as a result of some of her traumatic experiences in the past.

(8:00) Jennifer moves forward describing the beginning of her marriage where she began to deal with the outcomes of her traumatic past through counseling and therapy.

(9:00) Only after confronting her trauma, she explains, was when Jennifer was able to begin healing herself and her relationships.

(11:00) Jennifer recounts the outcome and effect of going on trial to receive justice from her painful, abusive past.

(12:00) Waiting for a specific outcome of a situation is giving the power to something out of your control, Jennifer explains, which was the beginning of her decision to start growing and helping others.

(14:00) Jennifer talks about how important it is to ask for help and allow yourself to grow and acquire tools that help you heal in any painful process.

(15:00) Gina and Jennifer share advice on growth. There should never be an end goal, but rather significance placed in the journey of healing itself, which is applicable to other circumstances that they share.

(18:30) Gina mentions the analogy of drowning and treading water to real life problems and difficulties.

(20:20) Jennifer connects these analogies to her own experience in starting up the Unstoppable Conference, and how she stayed passionate even when the process was difficult.

(23:15) Gina talks about societal expectations from childhood and how they affect the way people operate as adults. Jennifer connects this to motherhood and parenting.

(26:35) Gina asks Jennifer for advice on “letting go”, and letting kids make mistakes and grow.

(28:00) Jennifer recounts on personal experience with her daughter, and growth within that relationship.

(30:30) Jennifer emphasizes connection over correction in regards to parenting.

(34:00) Gina shares her views on sending her kids on a travel-filled gap year prior to them making the decision to go to college or not. Jennifer and Gina discuss breaking the cycle of traditionalism.

(37:00) Jennifer and Gina talk about the importance of healing and growing in your own way, which may look different than how everyone else does, including family.

(39:00) Gina talks about her independence from a young age and how that has positively impacted her as a parent.

(42:00) Jennifer shares her views on prioritizing oneself versus doing things out of obligation in order to better yourself and in turn become a better parent.

(43:45) Gina asks Jennifer advice for mothers, wives, and women in general in becoming their true, authentic and best selves.

(44:55) Jennifer discusses the idea that there is always a choice.

(48:00) Gina asks Jennifer about her retreats and energy work. Jennifer explains energy itself and its significance, as well as the training she does with energy.

(51:00) Jennifer reiterates the gravity of healing oneself and discusses meditation practices.

(54:00) Jennifer expresses gratitude and appreciation for Gina and her genuineness, thanking her for the opportunity to have this conversation.

(58:00) Gina talks about how having a podcast gives her the opportunity to learn from her mentors through a community.

(59:40) Listeners can find Jennifer through instagram @jennifernielson and her website

(1:01:00) Jennifer wraps up the conversation encouraging listeners to know their worth, and thanks Gina again for the opportunity.

(1:01:49) Gina closes today’s episode with appreciation for Jennifer’s touching conversation and once again highlights how everyone can do hard things!



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