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Kelly Schmidgall | Celebrating Differences & Conquering Challenges

18 hours of travel for 48 hours with this mama and I would do it again in a heartbeat. On today’s episode I get to chat (in person!) with my sweet friend Kelly about her life as a special need’s mom, her former career as a nurse, and the lessons she’s learned from each of her roles. Listen in as we discuss the importance of community, friendship and overcoming challenges to create well-lived lives for our children.

"Cling onto those moments, you need to enjoy them."

Kelly Schmigdall

Kelly, aka Co-CEO of casa de Schmidgall, is a boy mom x 3 who is focused on raising men, along side her hustler husband. She works relentlessly to pave the way for her oldest son with cognitive and physical disabilities. Kelly is a special needs advocate and president of C.A.R.E, Inc., a non-profit focused on funding fitness memberships and camperships. Kelly really is a true pillar of her community. Not only does she work hard in her home, but she was a Registered Nurse in her MN hometown for years doing everything from labor and delivery to ER nursing. In her “spare time” Kelly is an avid marathoner, fitness enthusiast, coffee lover and loves anything outdoors with her family. She hopes to inspire you as she shares her journey of finding joy in the little things and embracing the hard.


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