A modern term for a stay-at-home mom that also wants to help her family budget by working. These women successfully take care of their homes and their families all while running businesses. For many people this sounds impossible. We all know how hard it is to juggle kids schedules and a home life period. So how would one even consider adding an entire career to that already full workload? Well the stats speak for themselves, more and more mamas are joining the ranks of Mompreneur each day.

In most cases very few of these women even thought that they were creating actual businesses. Usually they were just trying to fill voids left by local markets or shops when they couldn't get a product that they needed or were being charged too much for it. Honestly with each new generation that graduates into "mom" status its becoming more and more normal to create some type of "from home" business.

These women are not only creative, but they have to be organized. That is key to any well-managed business so its going to be doubly true for a woman that is running a well-managed home along with a well-managed business. Next is the guilt factor. It's becoming so normal for a woman to work and care for her children that it's not necessarily guilt that she feels from outside sources like society, but more so from the time that a business does take away from her husband, children and home. Its more of a self-inflicted guilt. Ladies you have to control that urge to be hard on yourself. Your children are learning important behaviors from watching you in your journey. Things like obligation, a job well-done, staying on task, meeting deadlines.... these are skills that will be crucial for them in their own lives. So work-on! You got this mama!

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