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Robyn Warner | Finding Yourself and Choosing Your Own Path

On today’s episode of Revitalized Womanhood, Gina is joined by Robyn Warner, co-owner of the Comeunity business, member of The Brave Talk Show, leader for the SAFE course and fellow Utah mom! Robyn describes herself as a sexual assault warrior, and shares her inspiring story of growth, strength and resilience. Gina and Robyn share their mutual upbringing within the strict culture of Utah and its limitations put onto women. They each share their stories of marrying young, debating its pros and cons and encouraging women to find themselves and their independence before rushing into a relationship that society pushes for them.


On this episode:

(0:30) Today’s guest is Robyn Warner, who is an advocate for surviving and preventing sexual assault, who can be found on instagram and on her website,

(3:50) Robyn introduces herself as an entrepreneur, who specializes in women’s self defense and safety, as well as being a fellow Utah mom.

(6:30) Robyn recalls how a short self defense lesson saved her life, which inspired her to go into teaching women how to defend themselves.

(7:50) The course Robyn has created is called the SAFE course, which stands for self-defense, awareness, fighting techniques and empowerment.

(9:40) Gina enthuses about Amy Robbins, a previous Revitalized Womanhood guest who has created a line of clothing for women to easily conceal carry, which can be found here.

(11:00) Gina shares an especially significant point that Robyn makes within her message, which is that sexual assault often comes from the people we know, rather than strangers.

(12:30) Gina and Robyn talk about marrying your high school sweetheart, debating the pros and cons of doing so.

(14:40) Robyn shares her experience in getting divorced living in Utah, where the culture around marriage and divorce is very strict.

(21:30) Gina compares the different types of women in her sisterhood, and how beneficial it is to all women.

(23:00) Gina inquires what Robyn would do differently, if she could, regarding her marriage and eventual divorce.

(29:00) Gina and Robyn discuss some of the typical stereotypical traits that women are expected to have, such as being a sweet, people pleaser “chameleon”, as Gina describes it.

(31:20) Gina talks about an upcoming singles event between her group and Ryan Michler’s The Iron Council, found here.

(32:30) Robyn talks about the benefits of therapy, and how couple’s therapy helped to catalyze her realization that she and her husband had very different core beliefs.

(36:08) In a quick break, Gina encourages listeners to join the Revitalized Sisterhood, her personal development group full of inspiring and devoted women all working towards the same goal.

(38:10) Gina shares some of her beliefs in having a gap year to learn, travel, and become independent.

(40:25) Gina asks her listeners what they were imagining for their future as younger versions of themselves. Robyn and Gina talk about journaling, and what they wrote about when they were younger.

(44:15) Robyn expresses how she wishes there were more women mentors that challenge Utah’s marriage culture.

(46:30) Gina shares how she regrets not going to a university setting.

(48:00) Robyn shares an experience about dating in college, and adhering to Utah’s marital culture with marrying early.

(50:00) As a mother of boys, Gina shares her unique perspective about raising her boys to respect women and become independent and aware.

(52:30) Robyn describes her co-owned business, called Comeunity, which focuses on alignment and self growth. The website can be found here, as well as the group’s instagram.

(55:00) Robyn talks about her involvement with The Brave Talk Show, which is a talk show with Robyn and three other women that discuss a range of topics.

(59:40) Gina and Robyn talk about how they never experienced getting “the sex talk” as children.

(1:00:35) Robyn shares her experience and beliefs regarding social media, pushing away the narrative of picture perfect social media personas and showing her viewers her real life.

(1:04:00) Robyn shares the code “Revitalized” to get $30 off her SAFE course, found here!




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