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Seth Studley | Understanding Men and Marriage

Today’s episode of Revitalized Womanhood is the second of a two part series with the founders of Anatomy of Us, Seth and Melanie Studley. In Melanie’s episode, we heard from women what some of their top complaints were regarding their husbands. Melanie, a licensed therapist, and Gina, discussed these complaints and gave some advice. For today’s episode, Seth gives listeners a list of complaints given by men about their wives! Seth breaks down some stereotypes and gives his unique perspective on creating a strong and happy marriage.

On this episode:

(1:00) Today’s guest is Seth Studley, the other half of The Anatomy of Us, found here and a licensed family and marriage therapist.

(2:00) Seth’s coaching group, Badass Husbands, can be found here.

(3:30) Seth is introduced to Revitalized Womanhood.

(5:00) Seth addresses the “man bashing” critique that his wife, Melanie often receives.

(6:45) Seth introduces himself to the listeners.

(14:00) Men operate differently than women when it comes to the emotional side of things, which Seth elaborates on as a therapist.

(19:10) Seth goes over the top 5 complaints that men have over women taken from his coaching groups and experience as a couples’ therapist. The first one is that they are too grumpy and distant.

(20:45) The second one, is that women never seem to forget when a man has done something wrong. Gina elaborates on this subject using her own experience.

(24:30) Seth shares the “mirror” analogy as a piece of advice to women who struggle with bringing up the past persistently.

(25:00) The third complaint is persistent “nagging”; complaining is draining.

(30:00) The fourth complaint is women expecting men to be mind readers.

(34:35) The fifth complaint is women’s desire for men to be in touch with their feelings and emotions, but then ridiculing them as if they are incapable of having feelings.

(44:10) The next complaint is men’s frustration at how women expect their husbands to handle all of their emotional outbursts and anger, but if the roles were reversed, the wives would find that behavior unacceptable.

(56:40) The next complaint is about sexual intimacy, such as when women would shut down a man’s advances.

(1:10:20) Showing up for your partner is necessary to have a strong relationship.

(1:16:00) Seth talks about the importance of gratitude in relationships.

(1:18:00) Gina goes back to some of the men’s complaints and asks her own questions and gives her own perspective. She starts with women’s grumpiness and distance.

(1:25:00) Gina asks how to work through a marriage where only one partner is willing to work on themselves and their marriage.

(1:35:55) Gina asks Seth how to work around conflict in role reversing.
(1:47:00) You can find Seth on all the socials, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!




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