Shawn Villalovos

Shawn Villalovos | Building a Successful Partnership in Marriage and Business

On today’s episode of Revitalized Womanhood, Gina is joined by Shawn Villalovos, successful business owner, father, and husband to Jaime Villalovos, author of the new book Happy and Strong. Shawn goes all in on the life of a successful businessman, but more importantly, husband and hypeman to his all-star wife, Jaime. Gina inquires about everything from his own personal benefits of joining a community, to financial habits and even communication and juggling both a business and romantic partnership with Jaime.


On this episode:

(1:57) Gina introduces today's guest, Shawn Villalovos, husband of Jaime Villalovos, father, and business owner.

(3:50) Shawn introduces himself, and talks about how he met his wife Jaime.

(7:45) Shawn and Jaime have worked together for 23 years. Shawn describes what it’s like to work alongside his wife and not get into conflict.

(10:00) Shawn describes his relationship as a partnership in business without defining roles.

(12:40) Shawn and Jaime very early on got coached on their personalities, similar to FBI profiling.

(15:10) Gina talks about having security in yourself to allow the others around you to be more successful, evident in Jamie and Shawn’s relationship.

(17:48) Gina asks Shawn how Order of Man, found here, has impacted his life personally.

(20:00) Shawn describes how The Iron Council brought back his passion and excitement in regards to business.

(22:20) Shawn shares how everybody, both men and women, need a community like The Iron Council or Revitalized Womanhood.

(25:45) Gina talks about “flexing those muscles” in regards to opening your mind up to other ideas and lifestyles.

(28:00) Gina and Shawn describe Shawn as Jaime’s hype man, which is a concept that Gina feels that everyone deserves.

(30:45) Shawn expresses his definition of a partnership, and emphasizes mutual support.

(32:40) Shawn encourages growth and change as a vital part of the human experience.

(35:40) Gina asks how communication works between Shawn and his kids, specifically with his daughter Daisy.

(40:30) Gina elaborates on how fast children’s brains are growing.

(42:00) Gina shares her envy for couples who begin their relationship by learning and getting coached on each other’s personalities very early on, like in the case of Shawn and Jamie.

(45:20) On a quick break, Gina encourages the men listeners to gift the women in their lives a subscription to the Revitalized Sisterhood, found here.

(47:45) Gina and Shawn discuss the perks to being in a community, and the benefits of personal development in general.

(51:16) Shawn recalls when he initially met Gina, and the spark of passion that he witnessed within her before she began Revitalized Womanhood.

(54:30) “Keep going”, and “be open” are Gina’s two pieces of advice that she reiterates within her sisterhood.

(56:10) Shawn asks Gina about some surprising impacts that have occurred after starting Revitalized Womanhood and the sisterhood. Gina shares how her passion has ignited in helping other women.

(59:00) Shawn confronts the idea that some men tend to refuse growth in both themselves and their partners, as it can accentuate their inadequacies.

(1:00:50) Shawn describes the historic analogy of competitive pull horses pulling dead weight on the ground, versus two pull horses teaming up and pulling more weight as comparable to couples teaming up and working together.

(1:02:30) Shawn talks about the book The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson.

(1:04:10) Shawn enthuses about the women in his life, including his mom and grandmother as inspiring figures.

(1:08:10) Gina asks Shawn to give holiday shopping advice. Shawn encourages making a list of who and what to buy for.

(1:13:00) Shawn talks about teaching money and personal finance.

(1:17:00) Gina elaborates on time management, bad financial decisions, and bad habits in general.

(1:22:15) Gina expresses her gratitude for both Shawn and Jaime.




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