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Tamra Stephenson | Beyond Surviving, Thriving Through Trials

Podcasting is a lot like life - you can prep, plan, and prepare your heart out, but sometimes things end up completely different than you ever expected. This episode is the epitome of that!

"If you're not working those , your risk of injury has skyrocketed."

Tamra Stephenson

My conversation with Tamra Stephenson was beautiful, vulnerable, motivating and endearing… and also completely unexpected! Tamra’s courage to open up about her journey encouraged my own, and I loved sharing this conversation with her. Tamra is a true icon and example for women in what it means to go from surviving to thriving.

"You can't keep them in that bubble."

Tamra Stephenson

Tamra is a powerhouse fitness instructor, paddle board guide, and marketing manager who has raised four girls with her spouse of 26 years. In 2012, Tamra was diagnosed with MS; and immediately launched into raising awareness for MS, completing her first annual fundraiser in 2013, all while keeping up teaching group fitness and pushing herself to overcome the physical and mental obstacles presented with MS.

"I did the best I could do under the circumstances I was given."

Tamra Stephenson

Tamra strives to live a full and meaningful life, powering through difficult days, and spread education about varying levels of MS. She's rafted down the Pacuare river in Costa Rica, and continues to try new and exciting adventures—believing that life is meant for adventure. On any given day, you can catch her teaching a class, mentoring a student, dancing like no one is watching (which usually involves a fair amount of booty shaking), or out on the lake.




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