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Jen Hurst | The Enneagram in You

Gina is joined today on Revitalized Womanhood by Jennifer Hurst, an Enneagram expert and licensed therapist. Learning about what Enneagram type you are can be the key to unlocking your true, inner self. It is a tool to learn more about yourself and how you perceive both you and life’s challenges and obstacles. Jen goes over some of the different types, and how they view both the world and themselves, and also how to become the most ideal and empowering version of yourself!

On this episode:

(2:00) Today’s guest, Jennifer Hurst can be found at

(4:05) Jen introduces herself as an “Enneagrammer”, and also has special training in trauma studies.

(6:45) Gina explains what made her inclined to reach out to Jennifer in order to begin to understand and communicate with the women in her sisterhood.

(8:00) Jen describes the history and background of the Enneagram.

(10:10) Myers Briggs is a popular personality test, which differs from the Enneagram because it depicts how we are perceived by others instead of our inner selves.

(12:55) The Enneagram can be difficult to understand, but its basic symbol is a circle with nine points.

(16:00) Jen dives into how the Enneagram is a tool for discovering individuality, rather than a match making device.

(22:10) Jen describes some of the specifics about the Enneagram numbers, such as the type 2 female and its inherent rewards.

(24:20) The Dance of Anger, a book by Harriet Lerner, is recommended by Jen for strong, empowering women.

(28:50) Jen describes the inefficiency of testing your enneagram type.

(32:10) Jen goes into detail about the differences in enneagram types, and how certain patterns we have may have to do with our enneagrams.

(35:30) Type eights prefer confrontation, or to be “stabbed in the front”, opposed to being stabbed in the back.

(39:30) Jen describes “activation” or refusal within enneagram types and specific qualities.

(42:35) Weaponizing the enneagram qualities can become a big problem when people learn about the different types.

(44:20) Jen advises us to befriend and face our fears, using the example of an empathic witness alongside a child with a fear of the dark.

(48:40) Jen talks about anticipating future disappointments versus anticipating the best result.

(53:50) Gina asks how the Enneagram can help us identify our needs.

(57:35) Gina and Jenn inquire about what Enneagram Gina’s husband Rick would be.

(1:02:30) Jen describes how we have the ability to heal ourselves.




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