Coaching for Your Mind with Lisa Brown

Coaching for Your Mind with Lisa Brown

Gina is joined on Revitalized Womanhood by her friend and mind coach, Lisa Brown! Lisa shares with listeners her unique perspective on coaching your mind, and gives helpful tools to help our brains and in turn, our success as people! Listeners will undoubtedly walk away with some new found knowledge on how we think and process what goes in and out of our head, and hopefully be able to integrate some of Lisa’s helpful tips and tricks into daily life.

On this episode:

(1:20) Gina describes today’s guest, Lisa Brown, a mind coach.

(3:35) Lisa shares about herself and what led her to get into mindset coaching.

(12:00) Lisa explains both the subconscious and conscious mind and how they work.

(16:00) Using a car as an analogy for the way that Lisa describes ourselves and our minds.

(19:56) Lisa analyzes the fight or flight response.

(26:05) Lisa shares a few questions that we should be asking ourselves.

(30:25) Gina talks about the connection between traveling and avoiding vulnerability.

(37:15) The body believes what the mind tells it.

(40:45) Lisa talks about the importance of respecting others’ opinions and its relation to mind coaching.

(41:15) The law of attraction and manifestation is a legitimate tool to help us succeed and complete goals.

(49:05) Gina recalls an episode she did on defensiveness, and recalls some of the key points made on the topic.

(55:35) Lisa elaborates on some of her growth as a parent by coaching her mind.

(1:04:15) Lisa shares a piece of helpful advice on parenting.

(1:09:19) Lisa explains the closed door analogy.

(1:14:35) Gina elaborates on the closed door analogy with her own take, which is the small or big door analogy.

(1:16:08) Listeners can contact Lisa by texting her at 334-717-6118.




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