EP61 Hotter Than Ever | Erin Keating

EP61 Hotter Than Ever | Erin Keating

Gina is joined by the wonderful, Erin Keating, a media mogul caught in the web of an unhappy marriage and a bustling career, who takes us through her journey of self-discovery and rebuilding.

In this episode, Erin shares what her "aha moment" looked like and how that led her to question the very fabric of her life. From the glitz of the media industry to a moment of clarity, she realized she was lying to herself about what truly mattered.

Erin's story involves a daring escape from the status quo, a leap into single motherhood, and the unexpected twists of dating life. 

Get ready to embrace change, break free from the old, and dance to the beat of your own life!

You can find Erin Keating's podcast, Hotter Than Ever Podcast, on all major streaming platforms.


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