EP64 The Importance Of Investing In Yourself | Jessica Kamanao

EP64 The Importance Of Investing In Yourself | Jessica Kamanao

Get ready for a super relatable chat with Jess Kamanao and Gina.

They're talking all about the ups and downs of traveling a lot, how to keep up with work on the go, and why it's so important to focus on yourself.

They've got great tips for stay-at-home moms looking to do more for themselves, and they dive into how our mental and physical health really make a difference in our lives.

Plus, they’re sharing how to beat those fears and make the most of tech for personal growth. If you're into using social media for good vibes and need a little push to go after your dreams, this is the episode for you.

Don't miss out on their advice for setting goals and really committing to yourself! 


About Jess Kamanao:

With a decade-plus tenure as a successful small business owner, Jess combines entrepreneurial prowess with the responsibilities of a devoted wife and mother of two. Infused with a genuine spirit of generosity, she finds joy in giving back to her community, fellow business owners, and close contacts.

As CEO and franchisor of HI Cravings a mobile smoothie bowl company in Hawai'i, she actively supports local businesses and fosters creative collaborations frequently. Her dedication extends to navigating ventures in real estate, from boutique hotels to multifamily projects, specializing in linking potential investors to lucrative opportunities for passive income. 

Join Jess on her entrepreneurial journey, family life, travels, growing businesses, and commitment to self-growth. 

https://www.facebook.com/HiCravingsHawaii/ https://www.instagram.com/hicravingshawaii ______________________________________________

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