EP65 Pelvic Floor Health & It's Profound Impact | Ashley Sorenson

EP65 Pelvic Floor Health & It's Profound Impact | Ashley Sorenson

Understanding & Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor: Interview with Ashley Sorenson

In this episode of the Revitalized Womanhood Podcast, we welcome Ashley Sorenson, a Corrective Exercise Pelvic Floor Specialist, who demonstrates her passion and insight toward women's health.

Ashley explains in detail what the pelvic floor is and what it performs, debunking several common myths and misconceptions faced by many women.

She shares her advice on how proper breathing and posture exercises can greatly improve pelvic floor health and brings to light the need for increased education on these topics.

Ashley firmly believes that no woman should live with discomfort or pain when help is available, emphasizing the importance of seeking help despite initial discomfort discussing such sensitive topics.

Tune in to this episode to learn about the importance of pelvic floor health and the profound impact it can have on women’s daily lives.


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