EP70 | Embracing Less: The Liberation of Simplified Living | Liz Wann

EP70 | Embracing Less: The Liberation of Simplified Living | Liz Wann

In this episode, Gina is joined by Liz Wann, a professional organizer and advocate for simplicity and decluttering.

They discuss the common theme of simplifying and decluttering in their lives and the impact of burnout. Liz shares her journey of discovering the joy of simplicity and living with less, and how it has transformed her mindset and approach to life.

They emphasize the importance of involving others, especially family, in the journey of simplifying and decluttering. Liz also introduces her course that teaches step-by-step strategies for decluttering the mind, schedule, and home.

Liz also discusses the power of simplicity and how it can change lives and the importance of mindset and the need to let go of perfectionism. She shares practical tips for creating peace and alleviating stress through simplifying while highlighting the value of involving others in the process and provides actionable steps for listeners to implement.

Liz introduces Coast Organizing Company and invites listeners to connect with her for more resources and support.

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