EP74 | “The Joyful Flow Formula” With Author Lieve Hendren

EP74 | “The Joyful Flow Formula” With Author Lieve Hendren

Revitalized Womanhood Podcast.

Welcome to another awesome episode of Revitalized Womanhood.

Gina, your host, is hanging out with Lieve (pronounced Lee-va) Hendren, the genius behind 'The Joyful Flow Formula.'

Get ready for a fun chat about seizing the moment, following your passions, and setting life goals that make you jump out of bed with excitement!

Lieve shares tips on beating self-doubt and creating a roadmap for a fulfilling life. They dive into balancing work, health, and fun, talking about being kind to yourself, setting clear boundaries, and taking breaks in our busy world.

Plus, they chat about the basics of self-care and trusting your gut in today's tech world, and the joy of connecting with people who share your dreams.

To wrap up, Gina and Lieve talk about matching your dreams with who you really are and daring to dream big.

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