EP79 | Navigating Entrepreneurship And Motherhood With Cassey Bloomfield

EP79 | Navigating Entrepreneurship And Motherhood With Cassey Bloomfield

Meet Cassey Bloomfield, the visionary owner of Burn Boot Camp in St. George, Utah, whose is on a mission empowering women through fitness and community.

With a passion for helping others step out of their comfort zones, Cassey’s journey began with founding her franchise, where she witnessed firsthand the transformative impact on her members' lives.

Alongside her dedication to fostering sisterhood, building supportive relationships, and promoting self-care, Cassey cherishes her role as a loving mother and wife, balancing entrepreneurship with family values.

Celebrate Cassey’s commitment to empowering women, embracing strengths, and prioritizing holistic well-being—a testament to a life lived with purpose, passion, and family at its core.


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