EP80 | Mompreneur Mindset: Gratitude & Growth With kyrie Blaney

EP80 | Mompreneur Mindset: Gratitude & Growth With kyrie Blaney

Get ready for an exciting episode of the Revitalized Womanhood podcast!

Gina sits down with Kyrie Blaney, a confidence coach and mompreneur, for an inspiring chat.

Kyrie opens up about her journey to regain confidence after tough times, stressing the importance of self-discovery and learning from others.

They dive into the idea of "healthy selfishness" and chat about Kyrie's podcast, where she shares stories of women who've conquered challenges. Plus, they talk about raising kids with healthy habits and a love for nature.

The conversation gets real about finding courage, embracing vulnerability, and defining success on your own terms. They also touch on the power of community support and personal growth. Tune in for a fun and insightful discussion on confidence and resilience!


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