EP82 | Aligning With Your Purpose & Human Design | Kate Vazquez

EP82 | Aligning With Your Purpose & Human Design | Kate Vazquez

Join me and my special guest, Kate Vazquez. 

Kate Vazquez shares her journey from feeling stuck to finding her purpose as a functional medicine and emotional practitioner. Kate is a faith-based practitioner, mentor, podcast host of Radiant + Resilient, speaker, and author. She is the founder of Radiant by Design, which blends functional medicine, mindset, emotional intelligence, and human design to cultivate deeper healing of the body, soul, and spirit. Kate guides ambitious women to overcome physical imbalances so they can embrace health, vitality, and their God-given potential.

We talk about recognizing and overcoming limiting beliefs and the power of human design in understanding your unique gifts. Kate also shares how letting go of labels and perfectionism has improved her health and relationships.

Join us as we explore how to take ownership of our lives, make aligned choices, and live authentically.

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