Habits, Homeschooling, and Homesteading with Trich Michler

Revitalized Womanhood podcast cover - Trich MichlerFinally joined by everyone's favorite Michler, my beautiful friend Tricia!

I don't know about you, but two of my most favorite Order of Man podcast episodes are the two where Ryan is joined by his amazing wife Tricia.

Trich, the quintessential homemaking, homeschooling, and homesteading wife and mother, along with the rest of her family, recently join us for a 10-day vacation in Costa Rica. This conversation was recorded during that trip and we had a lot to discuss! On this episode we cover homeschooling, homesteading, traveling, and much more!


Episode Highlights:

  • Experience Costa Rica's beauty.
  • Enjoy the warmth while you can.
  • Educate through experiences, not boxes.
  • Homeschooling encourages individuality.
  • Homeschooling can be flexible.
  • Customize education to goals.
  • Gardening is essential knowledge.
  • Grow your own cocktail herbs!
  • Shop local farmers markets.
  • Learn traditional methods of preserving food.
  • Take time to learn new skills.
  • Grow with a supportive community.

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