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Living with Intention and Finding Solace with Jerri Jorgensen

Gina is joined on Revitalized Womanhood this Tuesday by Jerri Jorgensen, one of the founders of the Desert Solace Inpatient Treatment Center. Jerri’s work is focused on treating the addiction of pornography and sex, but shares advice with today’s listeners on tales of parenting, womanhood, and more. In this episode, Gina and Jerri discuss:

  1. Travel experiences
  2. Jerri’s work in addiction treatment
  3. Women and motherhood
  4. Fear and judgment
On this episode:

(2:30) Jerri Jorgensen tells listeners about herself and her life as both a mother of eight, and also a grandmother, as well as her work as a teacher for the Department of Defense.

(7:55) Jerri and Gina discuss the fall of the Berlin wall, which Jerri was able to experience.

(13:30) Gina inquires about Jerri and her husband’s work as the founders of the Desert Solace Inpatient Treatment Center, which focuses on pornography and sex addiction treatment.

(21:40) Jerri analyzes how women struggle with feeling trapped, and without their own choices.

(28:40) More on the topic of women, Jerri brings up the dilemma of judgment and expecting perfection.

(32:55) Gina and Jerri both share parenting stories and discuss teaching valuable lessons to their kids.

(42:10) Our relationship with fear is discussed between Gina and Jerri.




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