Overcome Impulse Shopping & Overspending | Paige Pritchard

Overcome Impulse Shopping & Overspending | Paige Pritchard

Paige Pritchard joins Gina for today's episode on Overcoming impulse shopping and overspending.

Paige is a spending coach who helps women stop impulse shopping and overspending. 

Paige discovered her passion for helping women develop healthier spending habits through her own personal struggles with impulse shopping when at age 22 she blew through her $60,000 salary after graduating from college.

By uncovering the root cause of her shopping and making a commitment to develop healthier spending habits she was able to turn her financial situation around in her twenties by paying off her $40,000 of student loan debt, cash flowing her MBA, becoming a homeowner and building a multiple six-figure investment portfolio by age 29.

You can follow Paige and get more info at the links below

Instagram: @overcoming_overspending

TikTok: @overcoming_overspending

YouTube Channel

The Money Love Podcast

Free Masterclass: Why You Impulse Shop & How To Stop

Work with Paige: Overcoming Overspending Group Program 

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