Parenting With Purpose With Tia Slightham

Parenting With Purpose With Tia Slightham

On today's episode Gina is joined by Tia Slightham. Tia is a parenting coach, teacher, business owner, best selling author and most importantly, a MOM.

3:30 The importance of one-on-one, undivided, uninterrupted time when you are fully focused on them

6:28 STOP waiting for the fires to happen. Avoid them by being proactive

11:40 Showing more affection to an older child who's love language is physical touch

15:45 Tips for "golden time" with each child

21:45 Parenting is a learned skill. It is not intuitive

30:00 Setting boundaries for teens

36:38 Find Tia's resource seection for books on different topics and subjects to use as tools

41:18 It's important to let your kids know they can come to you with questions

You can connect with Tia via her website

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