To The Core |  Dear Dad's: Finding Work Life Balance

To The Core | Dear Dad's: Finding Work Life Balance

Hey Dad's!! Ever feel the tug in your heart, torn between providing the best for your family and the dream of a life where work doesn't steal a moment from your loved ones?

Gina dives deep into this conundrum, asking the ultimate question: HOW do you balance work and life? When is enough really enough?

In this episode, Gina reflects on her own family's journey through the rollercoaster of financial ups and downs, especially during the 2008 recession. From the tough times to the bounce-back, she shares the crucial decision-making moments, highlighting the pivotal question her husband had to confront: When is it time to say, "I've got enough"?

For all you dads out there navigating this challenging balancing act, it's about making choices that align with what matters most to you.


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