To The Core | Leading Ourselves First

To The Core | Leading Ourselves First

Join Gina as she explores personal growth and self-leadership from a woman's perspective.

In this episode of the Revitalized Womanhood podcast, Gina discusses personal leadership.

She asks us to think about our own definitions of 'leader', encouraging us to redefine it to refer to leading their own lives.

Gina shares her thoughts on traits such as integrity, self-love, self-confidence, self-discipline, loyalty, and empathy, that play a crucial role in leading yourself.

She also speaks about the importance of setting an example for the younger generation and maintaining control over your life.

Get ready to embrace the fact that you are a leader in your own life and journey towards personal growth and success.

00:42 Redefining Leadership: A New Perspective
05:21 Leadership Traits: Integrity, Self-Love, and Confidence
10:06 The Power of Self-Discipline and Empathy
15:46 Being a Role Model: Leadership in Action
18:58 Join the Revitalized Sisterhood: A Call to Action
19:20 Conclusion: The Power of Sharing and Community

Are you looking for a community of women who you can trust, rely on, and share your dreams and goals with? The Revitalized Sisterhood is all about it! Join us today and find out for yourself how we have cultivated a safe place for women who need a shoulder and reliable friends who will walk with you through life's ups and downs.

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