To The Core | Revisiting My WHY

To The Core | Revisiting My WHY

Today's episode may be a bit of a mess! But hey, this is REAL life! As you will find out, i was interrupted by the kids half way through. I re-grouped & thought about starting over but decided, we won't edit anything out. This is me being transparent. Welcome to "Traveling With the Trimmer's!"

On today's episode i talked about how as time passes and my podcast and women's community grow, I find myself revisiting my why.

When I first started it all, I wanted to empower women to break free from molds and prioritize self-care, self-acceptance, and self-love.

But as I've delved deeper, met new women, and researched more, my why has evolved. It's not that it's changed completely, but it's expanded and grown into new concepts and new ideas.

It's about empowering women to push past societal expectations and find their true selves.

And I know it's an ever-evolving journey, but through this community, I hope to inspire and facilitate growth and self-discovery.


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