To The Core | Rick Trimmer, The Man Behind The Movement

To The Core | Rick Trimmer, The Man Behind The Movement

The man, the myth, the legend, and the biggest cheerleader I've ever had. On today’s episode of To the Core, I was lucky enough to spend an hour picking the brain of the smartest man I know. My husband! 

Rick truly is the most intelligent, business savvy person I’ve ever met, and it has nothing to do with the fact we’re married. After spending his early 20s nearly penniless, Rick had a pivotal turning point (you’ll have to listen to find out what it was!) that launched him into a life of serial entrepreneurship. Not only that, but his ambition and love of learning keeps him constantly thirsting for more education - on everything from mechanics to butchering and just about anything you can think of in between.

Ladies, I may be just a smidge biased, but this episode is full of so many incredible moments of inspiration and mind blowing advice in both business and life. Hit the save button on this one  and share it with your husband too!

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