Trina Glines

The Language of Men & Marriage with Trina Glines

On today’s episode of Revitalized Womanhood, Gina is joined by Trina Glines, creator of the Taming Jane Academy online course and expert on marriage and getting into the head of men. Trina explains to listeners just how distinctively different men are from women. Trina and Gina focus on femininity and masculinity at their core, and how they are challenged and transformed throughout marriage and life.

On this episode:

(7:55) Today’s guest, Trina Glines, describes herself and Taming Jane Academy, the online course she has created for women in order to learn the language of men and develop new tools for both your life and your marriage.

(18:20) Gina and Trina discuss femininity at its core, and how it has been manipulated and changed through the years.

(34:00) Gina and Trina examine the effects of emasculation and how it materializes in marriage, alongside masculinity in general and how it differentiates from women.

(52:00) Gina talks about the struggle of asking for help as a woman, and the importance of taking baby steps when setting goals; Trina elaborates on how to establish what we need and how to ask for it.

(1:01:26) Men and women view and approach sex very differently; Gina and Trina discuss the differences and innate needs and desires of each side.
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